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Mi 06.04.2016
19:30 Uhr
William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar 

William Shakespeare



On the 600th Anniversary of William Shakespeare’s Death, BDU Theatre presents, Julius Caesar with an all female cast.
How many ages hence
Shall this our lofty scene be acted over
In states unborn and accents yet unknown!
And now, as prophesied by Gaius Cassius thence, in our ambivalent age, these scenes will be re-enacted by Vienna’s best-bilingual, epicene actors!
In our not too distant future, it is the festival of the Lupercal, in honour of the Wolf of the Woods. Amid civil unrest and discontent, Julius Caesar enters triumphant, upon overthrowing his popular predecessor, Pompey.
 On a tide of political intrigues, premonitions and soothsayings, "Beware the ides of March", Caesar seems to rise above the warnings. 
 But Gaius Cassius swells the foment, twisting Brutus' fears into believing his friend Julius Caesar should be thwarted, prevented from doing anything against the people of Rome once his ambition is crowned. 

"A serpents egg/ which hatch'd, would, as his kind, grow mischievous,/ and kill him in the shell."
How will the lofty, heartbreak cry "Et tu Brute?" ring in this our age, state and accent.
"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your ears “, Come one and all to see Beyond Down Under’s players. 
Metellus:   Christine Kolbábek
Ligarius:   Sonja Chan
Julius Caesar:  Elisabeth Kofler
Mark Antony:  Toni Borealis
Calpurnia:   Julia Lorünser
Brutus:   Claudia Kohlmann
Cassius:   Coline Atterbury
Casca:   Livia Erös
Portia:   Mariam Hage
Pythia:   Sonja Grenz
Director:   Brian Hatfield
Assistant Director: Kerstin Schuh
Sound Design:  Michael Schmid
Light Design:  Andreas Zemann
Ticketpreise: €20 (normal) und €13 (studenten) (© 2010)