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Di 13.06.2017
19:30 Uhr
Laura Wade


Laura Wade`s POSH


Laura Wade
in englischer Sprache
"A year after their all-female Julius Caesar, BDU are bringing Laura Wade’s Posh to Vienna, hot on the heels of an all female premiere of Posh in London. It is Beyond Down Under’s fifth production in two years.
Perhaps you’ve heard of George W. Bush’s “Skulls and Crossbones” and Boris Johnston’s “Bullingdon Club”! Just what has fuelled Brexit and seven years of austerity in Britain? From where do the neoliberals get their sense of entitlement? Despite their privileged positions, is it possible they are currently feeling under threat?
“I’ve got a new law for you mate, it’s called survival of the fittest, it’s called fuck you we’re the Riot Club?”
After thirteen years in the wilderness, the conservatives are back in power. And in Oxford, ten young bloods with bottomless ambition and deep pockets are meeting, intent on restoring their own right to rule. Members of an elite student dining society, the boys are bunkering down for a wild night of debauchery, decadence and bloody good wine. But this isn’t just a jolly; they’re planning a revolution.
Welcome to the Riot Club
Posh”: Laura Wade
Direction: Brian Hatfield (© 2010)